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Workshops and Courses

We are pleased to offer a wide range of FREE short courses and workshop series to our local community. We will not be adding anymore to our page until further notice but do enjoy the rich selection that is here!

These workshops were made possible thanks to artists from the University of Bolton sharing their expertise whilst earning their much deserved teaching degrees!

ROCCA Workshops


Character Design


Created by the amazingly talented professional illustration artist Rhea Wilson-Wright. This workshop series will give anyone interested in learning illustration useful techniques and methods to bring your drawn characters to life! The workshop consists of free downloadable activity sheets.

Photography Workshops 

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Created by the amazingly talented professional photographers, Sophie Darlington, Ben Hadfield and Nalina Brahim-Said. These workshops will help you understand the basics for improving your photography skills. If you would love to learn how to start taking better photographs either with a camera or a phone, these workshops are for you!

Embroidery Workshops

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In these embroidery workshops, created by Lead Arts Coordinator, Rebecca Miles and Mixed Media Artist, Chloe Morris. In Mexican Otomi Embroidery and Weave Coasters Workshops known. Teaching you the process of creating your own beautiful woven bands and using recycled or reused materials such as clothes, wool or string to create a handmade weave coaster.




In these fashion workshops by Mufaro Poli and Humairah Vagheir cover getting to know colours in the fashion industry and why colour is important. These workshops will help you discover what colours suit you as an individual and you will get the opportunity to be able to create your own colour palette.

Digital Album Cover Illustration Series


Illustrator Sophie Fellows will show you how to integrate digital collage using Canva and drawing techniques to create memorable and eye-catching images within the small canvas of the album cover.



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These workshops created by Paper Sculpture artist, Clara Yong are about visually stimulating exploration combining creativity with the natural world. These workshops engage, inspire, and encourage participants to see the world in a new light while learning to create your own nature-inspired art.

Pre-Columbian Pottery


In this pre-recorded workshop video, Lead Arts Coordinator, Rebecca Miles will share a little about the history and art of the Fort Ancient culture with a focus on their amazing pottery. Follow along as Rebecca shows you some simple techniques used by the Fort Ancient people so you can have a go at recreating your own!




Join this workshop created by makeup artists, Jae Fry and Bianca Murray, discover the basic skills of makeup artistry to create flawless looks. While also learning how to take your career to the next level and run a successful freelance makeup business.


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Create your own stamps, flower crowns and collage Monoprint artwork with artists, Sophie Makuza, Rebecca Miles, Clementine Lawrence and Jacob Lingard. They will show you how to use craft and create cool designs foam to create cool shapes and patterns with also into to collage art and Mono printing.

Creative Writing Workshops 

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Join Creative Writers Robbie Barlow & Steph O'Brien, in this case-study workshop diving into the elements behind effective storytelling and the importance of creative media. Plus, examining the screenwriting essentials of characters, story beats and the three-act structure.