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ROCCA Artists


Ben Hadfield


Ben is a photographer currently studying PGCE, a course for students aged 14+. He has studied and practised photography since 2018, achieving a distinction. Since then he has been creating a brand for himself via his photography Instagram. He has done several shoots with many clients and even directed a music video for the band Dalmas.


Bianca Murray 

Makeup Artist

Bianca is a freelance makeup artist with over five years’ experience working in fashion, beauty and TV. Bianca has worked for fashion brands, celebrities and Tv series. Bianca is passionate about her job and is looking forward to the next chapter of her career, teaching upcoming students her knowledge to be successful in this industry.


Chloe Morris 

Mixed Media Artist

Chloe is a mixed media artist specialising in textiles and printmaking. Inspired by nature, recycling and using natural materials to create one of a kind, unique, quirky, and intricate pieces; where she has the freedom to experiment. She creates by exploring different design methods by combining weave with stitchwork and eco printing, this using natural dyes made from her own back garden. Chloe's practise is inspired by nature and being eco friendly.

Clara Yong

Paper Sculpture Artist

Clara is a professional artist and creative educator from Malaysia. She specializes in nature art and paper sculpture and most of her work are deeply rooted in nature. This influence is clearly visible in her unique style as she creates her pieces with a combination of paper, flowers and leaves.


Clementine Lawrence

Mixed Media Artist

Clementine Lawrence is currently a student at the University of Manchester but began making collages as a lockdown project. Taking inspiration from Surrealist art, she creates collages using Photoshop or cutting up old magazines or books to create new worlds.


Humairah Vagheir 

Fashion & Textile Artist

Humairah is a specialist in textiles within surface pattern and design. Inspired by fashion, art, and textiles, she creates unique, quirky, and intricate designs. She develops her designs by using photoshop to create a repeating pattern to experiment with her layouts, colours, and style. She is fascinated by historic and contemporary fashion and loves thinking of different ways of how she can apply her designs to her fashion and textile pieces.


Jacob Lingard 

Fine Art Artist

Jacob is a practising fine artist predominantly specialising in printmaking. During his masters, the relationship between printmaking grew under the first COVID lockdown when access to equipment was scarce. Throughout that era, Jacob managed to experiment and discover improvised methods to produce a lino-print without a Columbian press. From his former part-time occupation as a Poultry Farmer, Jacob is now working towards his PGCE at the University of Bolton, aspiring to become an Art Teacher.


Jae Fry

Makeup Artist

Jae is a professional makeup artist, specialising in bridal and special occasion makeup. She is inspired by flawless natural-looking makeup that enhances the beauty of each individual, allowing them to feel confident and comfortable. Jae is currently studying for her PGCE at Bolton University so she can bring her experience and skills to others who are wanting to follow in her footsteps.


Mufaro Poli

Fashion Artist

Mufaro is a Fashion, Textiles and Accessories designer who is not afraid of using colour to create unique prints that showcase her personal artist signature. Specialising in printed fashion, she expresses herself through her artwork. Mufaro is a Print Designer who works hard to develop prints that speak to her and others about the beauty that exists.

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Nalina Brahim-Said


Nalina is a photographer and passionate believer in the magnificence of people who influence her photographic lens.

Nalina photographs wildlife & sports using different styles and formats. She also ran her own beauty and photography studio for six years and is interested in Bokeh photography. 


Rhea Wilson Wright 

Illustrator & Creative Writer

A graduate from the University of Worcester and the London Art College for illustration and professional creative writing, Rhea is a highly skilled visual storyteller and character development artist whose passion for the natural world and experimenting with different artistic techniques adds extra depth to her designs.


Robbie Barlow

Creative Writer

Robbie is a Creative Writer from Greater Manchester and a graduate of the University of Bolton. They have a passion for writing and reading fiction and poetry. They like to use fiction as a means of uncovering necessary, hidden, and often harsh, truths, and to express their point of view within life. Robbie has edited and published Issue 9 of The Bolton Review. Currently, they live with their partner and three cats, Pumpkin, Harket, and Skittles.

 Sophia Makuza 

Fashion Stylist & Photographer

Sophia believes a moment captured through a photograph, should be a special drive down memory lane. She specializes in all types of photography and enjoys creating art and DIY crafts in her spare time. She wants to capture your special day, occasion ....moment... hour with you in mind. 

'When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice'


Sophie Darlington


Sophie is a skilled photographer who is passionate about capturing precious moments. She began photographing in 2010 and was soon obsessed with the fundamentals that make up a great photograph, including light, shadow, composition and emotion. Illusion Of Reality Photography will capture the moments with the need for a creative twist that inspires.

'The one thing I believe is that the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment' 


Sophie Fellows

Creative Illustrator

Sophie is a multidisciplinary graduate artist from Bolton University. She has a fascination with how you can use materials in versatile ways. Influenced by natural disasters, politics and being a female in today’s society; this fuels the ideas and thought processes behind her practical work.

Her passion for the arts is shared through her passion to be an art teacher. She hopes that you will join her in finding your own creative skills to explore your own thoughts in a visual way. By entertaining in workshops such as collage, drawing, sculpture and illustration.


Steph O'Brien  

Creative Writer

Steph is an English and Creative Writing graduate. She is a current scriptwriter who likes to dabble in fiction writing and filmmaking. She likes to explore the dark and gritty complexities of reality in her writing, but also has a fascination with fantasy and wishes she’d written The Lord of the Rings.

As well as having had a few pieces published in The Bolton Review, Steph was also a subeditor for Issue 8. Alongside freelance writing, Steph is currently a trainee FE English and ESOL teacher. She hopes one day to teach and inspire people who will in the future write pieces for her to binge-watch on TV.


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