Photography Workshops 

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presented by Photographers, 

Sophie Darlington,

Ben Hadfield


Nalina Brahim-Said

Sophie Darlington is a skilled photographer who is passionate about capturing precious moments.

Ben Hadfield is a photographer currently studying PGCE, a course for students aged 14+. 

Nalina Brahim-Said is a photographer and passionate believer in the magnificence of people who influence her photographic lens.

These workshops were presented on

8th March, 5th July 2021 & 1st November 2021.

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Ben Hadfield 



Sophie Darlington


Illusion of Reality Photography

Nalina Brahim-Said


What is Documentary Photography?

Enjoy a therapeutic photography workshop with Photographer, Nalina Brahim-Said. This workshop entails a basic understanding and awareness of documentary photography within Iran.

Beginners Guide to Photography

This workshop by photographer, Ben Hadfield is if you would love to learn how to start taking better photographs either with a camera or a phone. All you will need is a mobile phone or any camera.


Basics of Photography

Created by photographer, Sophie Darlington, this workshop will help you understand the basics for improving your photography skills.