Fashion Workshops 

Humairah is a specialist in textiles within surface pattern and design. Inspired by fashion, art, and textiles, she creates unique, quirky, and intricate designs.

Mufaro is a Fashion, Textiles and Accessories designer who is not afraid of using colour to create unique prints that showcase her personal artist signature.

These workshops took place on the

 22nd March & 3rd May & 28th June 2021. 

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Humairah Vagheir 


Mufaro Poli


Dress according to your Body Shape

This talk will include outfit examples and descriptions. Find out different types of clothes that suit you and compliment your body shape.


Body Dysmorphia and Mental Health in Fashion

This workshop by Fashion and Textile artist, Humairah Vagheir focuses on body dysmorphia. Social media plays a huge role and contributes towards our mental health. In this workshop, we will be discussing how diverse bodies in the Fashion/Film Industry affect our mental health.


The Importance of Colour in Fashion

The workshop will help you discover what colours suit you as an individual and you will get the opportunity to be able to create your own colour palette.