Craft Workshops 

Sophia Makuza is a Fashion Stylist and Photographer

and believes a moment captured through a photograph,

should be a special drive down memory lane

Born in Michigan, USA, Program Director, Rebecca Miles

began her career as an archaeologist. 

Clementine Lawrence is currently a student at the University of

Manchester but began making collages as a lockdown project. 

Jacob is a practising fine artist predominantly

specialising in printmaking.

Sophia Makuza

Clementine Lawrence 


Jacob Lingard

These workshops were presented on

17th May & 19th & 26th July & 8th November 2021.

If you would like to access the recorded sessions, please email us. 

Be sure to share your progress on our social media! 


Join Fine Art Artist Jacob Lingard in this Introduction to Mono-printing workshop.   You will require a plain glass surface, inks, ink roller, preferably A4 paper x 2 (90-120 gsm thickness), masking tape and coloured paper of your choice and lots of enthusiasm!


Surrealist Collage Workshop

This workshop by Mixed Media Artist, Clementine Lawrence is perfect for beginners and will walk you through step by step how to pick out your images and put them together. Using your unwanted books, newspaper or magazines. You will learn how to put together a surreal alternate reality in the comfort of your home.


Foam Stamp Workshop

Creating your own stamped artwork has never been easier!

Program Director, Rebecca Miles will show you how to use craft foam to create cool shapes and patterns in this craft workshop.

This prerecorded workshop took place on the 19th July 2021 

Flower Crown Crafting

Easy steps on how to create a simple and beautiful flower crown. This workshop by Fashion Stylist and Photographer, Sophia Makuza will focus on easy DIY steps on creating your flower crown.